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American Optical - Original-Pilot / silver-green

The first sunglasses on the moon with the APOLLO 11 mission 

14.06.1969 Mare Tranquillitatis 

0° 40' 26,69" N, 23° 28' 22,69" O.

Product information "American Optical - Original-Pilot / silver-green"
  • mil. Spec. Aviator Sunglasses
  • sizes 52mm, 55mm, 57mm
  • bajonet temples 
  • Frame rugged -  sturdy structure 
  • high quality finishing of the steel frame
  • scratch resistant and distortionfree lenses
  • absorbs 98% UVA- 100% UVB
  • Made in USA

Performance-tested sunglasses with classic aviator styling. The Original Pilot Sunglass® has been a favorite of U.S. military pilots for more than 50 years. Engineered to rigid military specifications and issued to millions of U.S. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen since 1958. The rugged and sturdy structure and high quality finishing of the steel alloy frame coupled with distortion free, toughened and polished True Color® glass lens have made the AO Flight Gear® Collection the standard bearer of all fine military sunglasses.

The Original Pilot Sunglass® was developed strictly according to military specification as “Goggle Flight 58” for the NASA and US Airforce. All Gemini and Apollo astronauts wore these sunglasses during their missions and it even travelled to the moon. In addition to that all US Airforce and Navy Pilots are issued with the Original Pilot®. It is probably because of its typical shape and frame design that this model appeared in a number of well-known and critically acclaimed movies. Aside the silver screen it is worn by many beautiful and famous people. But who knows, maybe it is the Original Pilot® that accounts for fame and beauty…Without doubt this is a high quality product that has developed an almost cultish following during the last couple of decades. Still made in Southbridge, Massachusetts, as it should be.


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