Aero Leather ANJ-4 seal brown

The last of the legendary shearling jackets. Just as the ANJ-4 was commissioned it was already decided by authorities that shearling jackets became too expensive. Instead the Army opted for heavily padded cotton jackets or jackets made from the newly invented “wonder fiber” nylon.

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Aero Leather ANJ-4 seal brown

The aircrews did not like that decision because they knew that they could rely on their trusted sheepskin jackets even under the severest of conditions. The ANJ-4 represented the final evolutionary step in the development of sheepskin jackets. It also can be considered as the last collectible sheepskin bomber jacket. The jacket was heavily reinforced on all stress and wear points by generous horsehide panels and it also became one of the few jackets that had actually usable pockets. This made the ANJ-4 not only a stylish jacket but also incredibly practical and versatile.

All important details:

  • All body and sleeve panels made from shearling (sheepskin)
  • Main zipper with hidden windflap
  • Hidden wool cuffs inside the sleeves
  • Sleeve reinforcements made from horsehide
  • Body reinforcements made from horsehide
  • Two horsehide button closure patch pockets
  • Made in Scotland
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